The 5 Season Detox


The 5 Season Detox consists of Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall and Winter. The goal of each season is to detox and nourish two organs by using seasonal foods and herbs so that by the end of the year all of your major organs have been shown some dedicated love and appreciation.

The 5 season Detox also contains:

-Over 60 whole food recipes such as smoothies, juices, and main entrees to keep you satisfied while detoxing. You are not starving yourself, you are nourishing yourself. 

-5 different customizable DIY detoxes to choose from to best suit your time and needs. 

-Seasonal Food Charts for each season to help rotate your foods and increase your nutrient intake.

-A season based Herb and Supplement Guide for each organ that is very helpful in boosting the detox process.

-Personal Growth Practices to help you get through the detox with ease.