What Is Fithop?



We create inspirational healthy lifestyle music for people who are making proactive strides forward in their health, fitness, mindset, personal growth and all around wellbeing. We believe a healthy living philosophy won’t help you unless it moves you. People listen to FIT HOP when they want to do more than just listen, they want undeniable motivation while they are taking action. We create authentically crafted, heartfelt hip hop that is devoted to holistic healthy living, strong enough for the streets yet uplifting for the whole family to enjoy.
There is nothing out there quite like what we do. Our music celebrates and encourages holistic human potential…with a healthy gangsta lean.


Founder of RBG FIT CLUB, Khnum “Stic” Ibomu, is a multifaceted Creative. As an artist, producer and 1/2 of the legendary hip hop duo dead prez he has been a revolutionary thought leader and musical motivator for decades helping to bridge the raw energy and experiences of the streets with progressive ideas for personal growth, social activism and community empowerment.  After going through a personal health crisis with gout and embracing a plant based lifestyle for healing, he was inspired to a path of multi disciplinary martial arts, long distance running, fitness training, meditation, culminating in his own eclectic holistic and sustainable lifestyle. This led him to fuse his passions of music and wellbeing to create the first ever “fit x hop” album The Workout in 2011, which debuted at #1 on the Apple iTunes Fitness charts and has sparked a worldwide following for this new fitxhop movement.
Stic has been married over 26 years to author and nutritionist Afya Ibomu which he co-hosts their 5 star rated RBG FIT CLUB podcast alongside and they currently live in Lakewood, Atlanta with their two amazing sons.  Stic is a certified Long Distance Running Coach, Archery Instructor, Author, plant keeper, voracious reader and an ever curious, self described “student of life”. His highly anticipated second fitxhop album WORKOUT II Raise the Bar is currently in production slated for release 1st quarter 2020 on RBG FIT CLUB Records.