2 Book Bundle- Vegan Remix & Vegan Soul Food

2 Book Bundle- Vegan Remix & Vegan Soul Food

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Not sure which one of Afya’s books to get? Get both for the special bundle price of $25

The Vegan Soulfood Guide To the Galaxy   

The Vegan Soul Food Guide is much more than a cookbook. It’s a fun, fact filled guide to the vegetarian world of grocery shopping, understanding nutrition, meal planning, dining out as a vegan and more! No more bland vegetarian taste; now you have in your hands a complete resource for cooking mouthwatering, inexpensive soulfood recipes made with out white sugar, white flour, white rice, animal or dairy products that satisfy vegans and carnivores alike. Make delicious and nutritious versions of these classic recipes: Sweet Potato Pie- Potato Salad- Tofu Buffalo “Wings”- Corn Bread- Chocolate Chip Cookies- Collard Greens- Candied Yams And More! Also Included: Pimp My Tofu DVD A Free Instructional Cooking Video with theme song produced by Sticman of Dead Prez

The Vegan Remix 

Get ready to get your grub and groove on with the highly anticipated musically inspired Vegan Remix by Afya Ibomu as she follows up her acclaimed classic Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy with the next level of goodness. The heart of allergy friendly gluten free cooking meets the soul of ethnic cuisines from around the world. Afya shares her nutrition expertise and plant-based chef ingenuity in an entertaining, easy to follow cookbook that is seasoned with soul and flavor!